August News!

Tiffany O Studio August News I can’t believe the time has come that I am officially my own boss! It has finally hit me that my corporate days are over. These days I have been hanging out with my chickens, and thinking about not putting all my eggs in one basket, that is why I … Continue reading August News!

I quit my job today.

Today is a big day for me, because I finally put myself first.  I put in my resignation today at my corporate job.  By month’s end, I will officially be self employed and fully working on my new path of Tiffany O Studio!!!  I am very excited, and scared to death at the exact same … Continue reading I quit my job today.

May Etsy Coupon

Happy May 1st everyone!!!!  I sent this coupon out with my newsletter this morning, and I thought I would put it on the blog as well so everyone can have it!  Throughout May you will be able to receive 20% off your order using the coupon code “SPRING” on Etsy.  So hop on over there … Continue reading May Etsy Coupon

Champagne & Glitter

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, 70* and sunny without a single cloud in the sky!  So naturally I wanted to take some pictures, but not just any pictures, pictures of my jewelry.  I called a very good friend of mine Valerie, who tends to share many similar loves that I do, glitter, champagne, puppies, … Continue reading Champagne & Glitter